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Website hosting and support

Website hosting and support

Swift Digital has its our own dedicated website hosting platform. It is fully resilient and boasts upload and download speeds of 800mbps, which is more than enough to ensure quick access times to most websites. It is fully protected and monitored by the highest levels of security; access is only ever given to our support and development staff.

We offer yearly hosting and maintenance packages to all our clients – from basic hosting-only agreements to full website hosting, 24/7 support and email facilities. Our support staff are on hand either by email or telephone to assist with any question and issues. We also host domain name records so that amends can be made instantly.

Our hosting platform is primarily dedicated to the websites we design and develop, but we can also host third party sites once we have thoroughly checked and verified their stability.

Guideline website hosting and support prices


This package is perfect for a company that has a fairly static website that needs minimal support. The website will be hosted on our dedicated cloud based server offering very fast access times along with full support of any website based errors.

What's included?

  • Website space on dedicated server
  • Super fast access to website
  • Support for website issues


For the larger and more dynamic website hosting requirements, our advance package offers complete peace of mind with 60 minute response times to problems reported eight through to a dedicated email hosting platform. We offer complete support for mail access from internet based access, smart phones, laptops and tablets.

What's included?

  • Website space on dedicated server
  • Superfast access to website
  • Support for website issues with 60 minute response time
  • Minor updates included
  • Email hosting with your domain name - eg. sales@, info@, nick@, etc.
  • Email access via Outlook, webmail, tablets and mobile phones

Do you know that we can look after all aspects of your IT infrastructure?

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Do you know that we can look after all aspects of your IT infrastructure?

Our specialist IT support team is experienced in all aspects of IT systems and solutions for all business types.

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that Swift Digital IT Support can provide an efficient service to meet your specific needs and budget.

See our work at swiftdigitalitsupport.co.uk

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