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Application Development

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There are literally thousands of off the shelf applications available on the market that can deal with all sorts of business processes however most won't fulfil your requirements completely. In addition, costs can skyrocket and depending on the number of staff that are required to use it, can become incredibly costly.

With a wealth of experience, Swift Digital is able to offer its clients bespoke application development, a service that will look at the business needs and engineer a secure hosted web-based application that will meet those needs. The result is a system that is tailored to your business's needs and accessible from any authorised user from anywhere. Our applications are hosted in UK based datacentres and use the latest in programming technologies. The benefit of having such a system is that as the business and it's needs grows, so can your system, being a bespoke application tailored to your company and built from the ground up, additional functionality can be programmed in as required.

With a bespoke application, once it has been developed, has no additional costs, no annual license renewals, and more importantly no restriction on the number of users that can use it.

Application development case studies

Here are some examples of some of the applications that we can developed.

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CUBE IT - ticket management, customer management, invoicing, reporting

The CUBE system is one that Swift Digital developed for their own internal use after reviewing off the shelf packages. These packages couldn't manage the entire business so we created our own

This system is the primary tool for the business managing customers, contracts, ticket management, systems management, reporting, invoicing to mention a few. The result of this system is that the business has become incredibly efficient.

Rhadar Logo
Counselling/Therapist Data Systems

Rhadar was developed as a bespoke and tailored Data Management System for companies and charities within the Counselling and Therapist arena. From our findings we noticed that there were no great tools available for such companies and charities where they could manage their clients and therapist/counsellors. The biggest problem however is the lack of reporting of such systems.

Rhadar was developed from the ground up. We listened to what the clients wanted from an ideal system and we provided it. Rhadar has had such an overwhelming response that more and more charities are seeing it and wanting it for their organisation.

Car Accident ManagementLogo
Car Accident Management Company

This client was working with Excel spreadsheets and incredibly frustrated with the amount of inefficiency in their business process. Their aim was to have a system that would streamline their business managing garages, clients and accidents and claims.

After being recommended to Swift Digital we had a meeting to understand exactly what they were looking for and what they wanted the system to do. After engineering the system and producing designs, wire frames and data flow models, the sign-off was given. This system is now being used on a daily basis by all their staff and are efficiently managing their business.

Guideline application development prices


This style of website would suit a business that needs to hold client information, process requests and produce reports

A normal development time from design to completion would be approx 2-3 weeks.

What's included?

  • Application design
  • Application engineering
  • Database build
  • Customer management
  • Client requests and reports
COST: FROM £3,000

Do you know that we can look after all aspects of your IT infrastructure?

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Do you know that we can look after all aspects of your IT infrastructure?

Our specialist IT support team is experienced in all aspects of IT systems and solutions for all business types.

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that Swift Digital IT Support can provide an efficient service to meet your specific needs and budget.

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