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Mobile app design and development

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In recent years a higher percentage of people are now accessing the web through a mobile device, this means that websites and businesses must adapt. Mobile apps are on the increase and becoming a necessity when it comes to interacting automatically with your clients and building brand recognition. Mobile apps can range from providing your clients with up-to-date catalogue items, notifying them of upcoming products, news and events or even to provide clients with their own account into your business giving them access to their account information and transaction history.

What are the benefits of a mobile app for my business?

To increase customer engagement A good way to keep your clients engaged with your business is with a mobile app. Notifications can be used to advertise to the users a new product, special offer, or even a useful piece of information.

A personalised service Your customer has downloaded your app and it is on their personal device. This is the perfect platform to direct products and services tailored to individual clients. This method works better than generic marketing as the information provided to each client will be personalised to them.

Increase your brand awareness Apps that are downloaded onto client devices are always there, your brand is visible at all times, and with the usage of mobile devices increasing all the time it is a great way to increase your brand visibility. Couple this with notifications that are relevant and wanted by the client and you have a winning formula. This also promotes brand loyalty as whenever your users require a product or service that you offer, your app is there and so is the brand awareness.

Remain competitive and increase revenue In extremely competitive markets the ability to remain above the competition is paramount. Use your mobile app to increase revenue, whether you sell products or services. A clothing retailer can increase sales through the app as well as a recruitment consultant with new job opportunities. The benefit of the mobile app is that notifications of new products, services or job roles can be pushed through to the users. The same can be said for special offers and discounts. These push notifications appear on the mobile device and it prompts the users to visit the app to purchase their new discounted jacket or apply for that perfect job role.

How Swift Digital can assist you to soar above the competition?

Swift Digital has an in-house team of creative and technical staff and together can produce your mobile app from a blank canvas right through to publishing on Apple App Store and Google Play.

We will work with you in partnership to ascertain the purpose of the app and from that develop a full app specification. A decision will be made whether the app will be a web based app or a native one. Where required an admin system will be designed in order to customise the app and the user experience and then we will design the app around your brand identity.

Once the app has been designed and engineered, the project will be passed to the development team where production will begin. For web apps they will be developed using the latest technologies ensuring that they operate on both Android and IOS devices. For native apps, cross platform is the key therefore full Android and IOS development will be completed.

After thorough testing the apps will be published.

Guideline Mobile App Prices


This mobile app is a web application that does not need publishing to Google Play or Apple App Store. The app is developed to look and feel like a native app and not a mobile website.

What's included?

  • Design of mobile web app
  • Fully tested across IOS and Android devices
  • Links to social media
  • Full project management
COST: FROM £1000


This app is a fully native mobile app for IOS and Android devices. The app will be published to Google Play and Apple App Store and will be a fully functional app with push notifications.

What's included?

  • Native app for Apple IOS
  • Native app for Google Play
  • Full designs
  • CMS Admin system for the app
  • Full project management
COST: FROM £4,000

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Do you know that we can look after all aspects of your IT infrastructure?

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Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that Swift Digital IT Support can provide an efficient service to meet your specific needs and budget.

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