Website case study for online Coral shop

A mobile responsive full eCommerce online shop for the sale of ethically sourced marine corals for the home marine aquarium enthusiast.

The client

Corals Online is a start-up comprising a team of individuals who all share a true passion for the Marine Aquarium hobby, especially when it comes to corals.

The strategy

To create a market leading online Coral shopping website. We were tasked with the challenge of making this site stand out from the rest and truly give Corals Online a USP and the market edge. The website apart from being a fully feature rich online experience incorporates full coral information including environment parameters and the USP which is a 360 degree view of every coral. Our photography team was tasked with photographing each coral so that the user can rotate it a full 360 degrees. In addition the corals were photographed in white and blue LED lighting to show the user what they would look like during the day and at night with the blue lights.

Site information

Website design by: Nick Pettit Design
Website type: eCommerce
Website features: 360 degree photography, responsive, full eCommerce
Client location: London


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