Branding and website design for therapist application

To create a brand identity and informational website for an application developed to manage counselling and therapist organisations.

The client

Rhadar is a powerful web based application engineered and developed by Swift Digital. Produced in-house by the Swift Digital developers this system is a powerful system with Admin and Therapist logins, client management, document management, session management and an extensive array of reports that give valuable information to the Therapist and Counselling Charities/Organisations using it.

The strategy

After completing the Rhadar Therapist Data Systems application, the next task was for the Swift Digital designers to produce design and produce the brand identity. The logo was designed as well as the brand palette. From there the website was designed and produced. The aim of the site is to provide a snapshot of the Rhadar system along with a Demo request form for potential clients.

Site information

Website design by: Swift Digital
Website type: Informational
Website features: Iinformational
Client location: London


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