Bespoke patient journey mobile app for plastic surgeon

A bespoke development project for London based Plastic Surgeon. An admin system coupled with an Android and an IOS native app to provide patients with a tailored patient journey experience

The client

Jag Chana is a leading London based plastic surgeon providing not only the highest quality results in costmetic surgery but geared towards offering a personal and complete patient journey

The strategy

After evaluating Plastic Surgeon apps available Jag didn't want to provide his patients with a standard non-personal app that gives generic information about certain cosmetic procedures. Instead, Jag wanted a personalised and tailored experience for his patience with a new app as the foundation. We developed an admin system that allows admin staff a number of management functions including setting up treatments, clinics, treatment faqs and pre-o, post-op and surgery information. The app generates a username and password for each patient and then links all patient appointments and accompanying information to the app. A patient will, from their app, have details about their appointment(s), the relevant clinic details and a list of FAQs related to their treatment(s). In addition, pre-op, surgery and post-op documents will be available at specific points in time giving them relevant information for their treatment(s)/appointment(s). The system will notify the user with the information available dependent on the notification time, for example, 2 weeks pre-op, 1 week post-op, day of surgery. Additional features have also been incorporated including payment details, contact details, google map links notification settings to mention a few. The app has been developed and is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Site information

Website design by: Swift Diigtal
Website type: Native Mobile App, CMS admin system
Website features: Mobile App, CMS Admin system
Client location: London


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