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Top 7 benefits of an ecommerce website

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By Tas G

14 th May 2015

All retail businesses today need an ecommerce website in order to be as successful as possible and online. This is true regardless of how small the business is or how many storefronts are currently operating. Here are top 7 benefits of having an ecommerce website. 

1. Capture Customers at Any Time 
One of the main benefits is that the ecommerce website can capture customers at any time. The website never shuts down. It accepts orders automatically 24 hours a day even if your business is closed. This can bring in revenue overnight and on holidays. 

2. Attract New Customers and Market Segments 
An ecommerce website is available to anyone online. This means you will be able to attract new customers and market segments that might not have found your storefront otherwise. Your business could begin shipping to people around the country. You could see a dramatic increase in sales.

3. Lower Overhead 
Another of the business benefits ecommerce website provides is lower overhead. The website is very inexpensive to operate. It is far less costly than opening new locations or hiring employees. All of your sales and marketing will have a higher return on investment online. 

4. Increase Marketing Opportunities 
An ecommerce website gives your retail business new marketing opportunities. You can establish landing pages for specific products. You can assemble email lists for future marketing campaigns. You will be able to look at analytical data to see what specific marketing is working. More marketing opportunities will make it easier to acquire new leads and convert consumers. 

5. Counter the Competition 
It is important to realize that other retailers in the area and national companies are all running ecommerce websites. One of the clear business benefits ecommerce website offers is the ability to counter the competition. You can compete directly online with the right marketing and advertising. This will stop your business from being crowded out by competitors. 

6. Display Niche Products 
You have finite shelf space in a retail storefront. This can limit what you offer to customers coming into the store. This is not a problem with an ecommerce website. You can use the online platform to offer customers niche products that are not on your shelves. This allows you to appeal to a wide range of consumers. 

7. Provide Detailed Product Information
A final benefit is that an ecommerce website makes it possible to provide highly detailed information about products. Consumers can visit the site to find exact dimensions, detailed pictures and even instruction manuals. Consumers will have an easier time making purchasing decisions with this information.



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