The importance of branding, websites and online presence through the pandemic

brnading websites and online presence through the pandemic

The current pandemic has seen a huge disruption not only within UK businesses but businesses all around the world. The fact that people cannot freely go shopping or find services that they require by visiting premises means that companies that do not have a solid digital footprint will suffer even more.

Over the past year we have worked with a number of companies that have recognised that their businesses need elevation to a higher level of digital exposure. The strength of a company can be perceived through a number of factors but let's face it, if you see that through this pandemic a company has rebranded, produced a new website, or is offering online shopping, surely the majority of people will think to themselves "wow, this company is doing well".

Here are some pointers for increasing your online presence:

Your Brand
Are you happy with your brand, has it moved with the times or does it look a bit stale and stagnant? Consider investing in re-branding. It can show the strength and evolution of your company. Give your customers and potential customers a strong and powerful brand and implement it through your business, the website, business cards, posters, flyers etc.  You don't have to spend thousands on this process, talk to us about our cost-effective branding packages

Your website
Website technologies are fast moving, make sure your website is current and stands out, in our opinion and with over a decade in web design and development, avoid using free website builders and template sites such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc. Let your business soar online with a bespoke website, something that can be designed and developed to stand out from other websites. Frequently post new content, update the news, create blogs, or update your projects section to show people that you are active. Talk to us about our website development services

Sell online
If you sell products and have a retail store, your saviour could be online shopping, we have seen companies without online shopping struggling and even looking to close their doors permanently because they cannot open their shop and have no income. Invest in a website that will offer your products on your website. Most couriers now offer very cost-effective solutions for shipping. Make sure the online shopping website is bright, simple, easy to navigate, and offers as much product information as possible to your customers. Talk to us about our website development services

Social media
With people working from home and being furloughed, Internet usage has increased dramatically, similarly, with reduced social interactions more and more time is spent on Social Media. Make sure your business has social media pages relevant to its industry. Make sure fresh content is posted regularly to maximise changes of social interactions with potential customers. If you are service based, let people know how your services can benefit them, or even just give people useful information relating to the types or products or services you offer.

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Blog article date: 17 th Feb 2021
Posted by Nick I

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