How live chat widgets can maximize website conversions

Live chat widgets on websites

For the longest time, the primary mode of communication between businesses and their customers was through the phone. Businesses would attempt to focus their advertising on funnelling potential customers to a phone number, which would connect those customers to live salespeople. In the recent past, however, the internet has taken this model and turned it on its head. Businesses quickly realized the cost savings of creating a website as their primary vehicle for sales, which leads to the point that many customers need not interact with a salesperson at all.

This seems like it might be a good thing all around. Fewer salespeople translate to a lower payroll for the business, and websites allow customers to make purchase decisions without any prodding. The problem, unfortunately, lies in the efficiency of the system. In terms of conversion rates, websites with no human interaction tend to fall short of their true potential. It has been estimated that about 2 percent of all non-optimised website traffic will convert, i.e., make a purchase or further enquire about the business. That means that for every 1000 visitors a non-optimised business website receives; only 20 will actually make a step toward a purchase.

The solution is to fold human interaction back into the mix for either an optimised or a non-optimised website. Live Chat is by far the best way to achieve the desired results, since it gives customers an opportunity to speak with a real person about the products or services provided by the business. On average, anywhere from 10-50 percent of the potential customers visiting a site with Live Chat will engage with the system, and about 30 percent of those are typically converted into viable customers. Businesses are able to see anywhere from 4-8 times the number of new customers thanks to Live Chat website conversions.

It should come as no surprise that customers respond more positively to human interaction than static information presented as a sales pitch. Live Chat functionality can increase the effectiveness of just about any website, even those that focus on e-Commerce more than services or specialty products. The implementation of the Live Chat system is what matters, and as long as the system doesn't impede on a pre-existing conversion tract, it will certainly up the conversion rate for any site. Customers prefer the path of least resistance when searching for a product or service, and Live Chat is invariable the easiest way for customers to engage a business.


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Blog article date: 8 th Mar 2016
Posted by Swift DS
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