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logo design and brand identity

Your brand identity is incredibly important to your business for many reasons. If you can create a visual representation of your company that sticks in the public eye, then you can add value as well as ubiquity to your company, both essential components to the survival of a business. Here are some criteria upon which you can base your logo design and brand marketing.

 Is your logo easy to remember?

Your logo should have the ability to create instant emotion in your target customer base. Take a look at the logos of some of the top products around the world - brands like Nike have attached phrases, thoughts and emotions to shapes that would otherwise mean nothing. Some of the most effective branding efforts have actually been incorporated into the lingo. Xerox is now a very as well as a noun that represents a company. This is free PR that you cannot pay anyone to get.

 Does your brand add real value to your products?

In study after study, it has been proven that people will only accept a price hike based upon the improvement of quality in a product to a certain degree. The amount of money that people will pay because of the perception of a brand, however, is exponentially greater. This means that your marketing is just as important, if not more important than your actual production value when it comes to setting the price point of your products.

 Does your logo speak for your company in a voice that is loud and clear?

Your logo needs to be simple in order to succeed. The message needs to be singular and focused on the audience that you are looking for. You can do this by testing different logos until you find one that resonates with your target audience in a visceral way.

Your logo design brand identity is an essential part of your business, and you must treat it as such. Make sure that you put as much effort into your branding as you do into your production in order to maximize the price points of your products and the longevity of your company as a whole.


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Blog article date: 31 st Jul 2015
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